8-month-old Palestinian killed after inhaling Israeli tear gas – health ministry

An eight-month-old baby was killed after Israel fired tear gas at protesters in Gaza, the Palestinian Health Ministry said. Her death is one of dozens that occurred during demonstrations against the US Embassy’s move to Jerusalem.
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The Israel-Gaza border, May 14, 2018 © Ibraheem Abu Mustafa

Leila al-Ghandour was killed after inhaling tear gas on Monday, according to the ministry. It was not immediately clear how close the infant and her family were to the border fence.

She was killed along with dozens of other Palestinians on Monday, according to the ministry. Most of them were reportedly shot dead by Israeli sniper fire.

The Monday protests coincided with the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem, a move which has been condemned throughout the Arab world and beyond. It also came amid the Great Return March, which is scheduled to culminate on Nakba on Tuesday, a date marked by Palestinians as a day of mass exodus from their land as a result of Israel’s establishment.

Although the protests were originally slated to end on Tuesday, such a cessation seems unlikely, Professor James Petras told RT on Monday. “I think the massacres by Israel will continue, the peaceful protests from Palestinians will continue. I don’t see any resolution, unfortunately,” he said.

(Source / 15.05.2018)

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