About OPTV

“Occupy Palestine TV” – OPTV, is independent news, affiliated with “The Liberty Beacon” (TLB) news network in USA. We are a team of International Goodwill Ambassadors to Palestine and other professionals, along with Palestinian partners, operating under an international non-profit foundation, to bring you uncensored news from occupied Palestine, the Middle East and globally.

We are partnered with the International Commission to Support Palestinian Rights (ICSPR), a Palestinian NGO in Gaza.Together we are providing training and internship to Palestinian youth in the media field. Together with ICSPR, we are also providing internationals the opportunity to volunteer through our humanitarian outreach programs and/or through OPTV media and to be screened for an eventual Goodwill Ambassador to Palestine title.

Due to Google and Facebook’s deliberate censorship of Israeli occupation war crimes and crimes against humanity and the censorship of Palestinian news in general, OPTV was created in order to provide a platform for the Palestinian people to have a voice in the media and to control their own image in the public eye.

Considering the great Falasteen nation has been enduring 68 years of military occupation, the longest in world history, we believe that the Palestinian people have much wisdom and leadership to offer our world. Since
96% of the global media is now owned by 6 corporations, which are headed by Zionist Israeli’s, the deceptive Mainstream Media narrative is the only narrative the masses are allowed to hear. All too often, Palestinians are
portrayed as the aggressors and even as “terrorists,” when in fact they have every right to defend themselves under international law, as they are themselves the victims of war.

75% of the Palestinian nation have been ethnically cleansed from their beloved homeland and forced to become refugees. To date, U.S. Law states that Jerusalem is the capital city of Palestine and UN Resolutions confirm that Jerusalem and all of Palestine is being occupied illegally by Zionist military force. The Right of Return is the right of all refugees

We are deeply concerned with the increased genocide in the Middle East and Palestine and the rapid loss of liberties in America and the West, under Government’s fake “War on Terror.” Through MSM propaganda, the global Cabal’s false flag terrorism is being deliberately blamed on Muslims and Islam, while in fact Sunni Muslims are the number one victims of genocide in our world today.

For thousands of years Sephardic Jews, Christian’s and Muslim’s lived in peace and harmony with each other in the Holy Land of Palestine. It was not until the birth of a “Jewish state” in 1948, organized by the global
Zionist Cabal, that Palestinians began to suffer from a foreign invasion. “Israel” was spawned through the Al Nakba genocide of 1948 and Palestine’s lands became immediately occupied through a political ideology of supremacy
called Zionism, which is not unlike Nazism.

Ever shrinking Palestine has been enduring terrorism, loss of land, resources and rights ever since. Palestinians have only 22% of their lands remaining and their entire lives are occupied in the West Bank and Gaza, by Zionist forces.

We are here to expose the Cabal’s Talmudic, anti-Christ programming in all it’s nefarious forms and to expose their agenda to enslave all of mankind. Through global torture, false flag terror attacks and population reduction, a one world Government for the Zionists ‘Greater Israel’ project is being formed. The expansion of the Zionist occupation concerns all nations on Earth.

“Occupy” Palestine means to “take it back” from the global Zionist mafia and return Jerusalem to the Falasteen Nation.

The “OP” in our OPTV logo has a double meaning which is short for both “Occupy Palestine” and “Operation TV.”

We dedicate OPTV to a Free Palestine and to a world free from tyranny and supremacy.