Activism Works! Israel Backs Off From Demolition Of Al Khan Al Ahmar Village in Occupied Jerusalem

By Ariyana Love and Brandon Green

The Israeli Occupation was forced to abandon it’s plans to Demolish and Forcibly Transfer the Bedouin Community of Al Khan Al Ahmar near occupied Jerusalem, amidst international condemnation.

Palestinian activist, Younes Arar, made a call out to the international community to do a Twitter storm, calling for international intervention to stop the illegal demolition of the Palestinian village. Occupy Palestine TV stepped up to the plate and led a Twitter storm the very next day, on October 14th. We could see how desperate the situation was, from social media reports.

Following the Twitter storm, ICC Prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, of the International Criminal Court, released a statement October 17th, warning Tel Aviv that if they did carry out the Demolition of the indigenous Palestinian community, it would be a war crime under the Rome Statute and the ICC would prosecute.

Zionist Occupation lawyers advised the “PM” Netanyahu mafia not to proceed with the demolition in an emergency Cabinet meeting, October 21st. Otherwise Israel might be prosecuted by the ICC and possibly have to pay retribution at a later date.

This is a brilliant testimony of the power of We The People. It proves the Israeli Occupation’s vulnerability and weakness. They rely on our public opinion to continue their ethnic cleansing of occupied Palestine. And so Israel and the global Zionist mafia, take great care to proliferate online media propaganda, in order to change the minds of the masses in their favor. Enough people are awake to their lies against humanity and we are making a difference.

Groups of international activists quickly came together, under the OPTV banner and built Tweets that were full of facts and targeted key officials throughout the world, using Twitter. People stayed up all night, working many hours to make this happen!

Thank you all for making it possible (You know who you are). Activism truly works, and victories like this truly motivates and inspires people.

Israeli and Palestinian activists held overnight vigils at Al Khan Al Ahmar village, confronting Occupation military forces and bulldozers each morning. The Occupation tested new weapons, while brutalizing and abducting peaceful demonstrators.

But at last there was victory!

France also stepped up to the plate and warned the Occupation to abandon it’s Demolition plans for Khan Al Ahmar village.

We continue to call upon the International Community to uplift the voices of the occupied Palestinian people and demand an end to the brutal Zionist Military Occupation and detraction of villages.

All people can join us on Twitter and all social platforms to raise awareness and raise support.

Check out Occupy Palestine TV Twitter: (@OPTVmedia)

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Ariyana Love

Ariyana Love is Founder of Occupy Palestine TV, TLB Director of Middle East Rising and Goodwill Ambassador to Palestine (ICSPR, Gaza). Ariyana is Chairwoman of Meta Nutrients Trust, a Human Rights Defender and Activist.

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