Christian Zionists don’t only believe that Palestinians shouldn’t have rights and freedom, they also believe that women shouldn’t have freedom over their bodies and reproductive rights: From Argentina to Guatemala to Northern Ireland to the United States Christian Zionists tend to oppose abortion in all cases.

In Argentina the Macri-government controlled senate refused to allow legalization of abortion; in Guatemala senate did the same for rights of abortion for raped girls the age of 14 or under. In both countries government declares it’s love to Israel and the US Republicans’ main financial supporter Sheldon Adelson flew Guatemala’s corruption-stained president Morales and his entourage to Israel in his own private aircraft so that  Morales could take part in the opening of Guatemala’s new embassy in divided Jerusalem.

Denial of women’s rights over their bodies is as essential to Christian Zionists as is the denial of Palestinians’ rights for their own land. Racism and misogynism are the two sides of the same coin in Christian Zionism. Ethnic cleansing is ‘self-defense’, killing unarmed children taking part in protests is also ‘self-defense’ and dooming a raped child to die by denying abortion even in cases where there is little chances of the pregnant child and the child she is carrying to survive is ‘pro-life’.

Subjugating people not deemed to enjoy God’s favour is at heart of Christian Zionism. It doesn’t matter if the Christian Zionist is Guatemalan Catholic or Northern Irish Protestant. Women’s wombs and Palestinians’ lands are both occupied for the benefit and glory of God’s favoured (males).

As women must be under the yoke of males so that even if they are raped, even if the rape is incestuous, they must carry the fetus and give birth or die trying, so Palestinians must forever live under occupation or in exile according to the Christian Zionists. In Guatemala the same Evangelicals who rejoiced the moving of the country’s embassy to divided Jerusalem on September 2nd demonstrated against bill that would have allowed aforementioned abortion for raped early- and pre-teen girls. ‘Protecting life and family’, claimed the Evangelicals, demanded it.

It must be asked why Christian Zionism draws to it people who are so obsessed of the necessity and rightness of one group holding power over another (men over women and their bodies, Zionists over Palestinians) and what it does tell of Zionism overall as a political ideology. Why to them ‘doing God’s work’ is supporting oppression both home and in occupied Palestine?

Why is their version of Christian god a cruel being that demands the enslavement of women to men’s will and and an entire nation under the military occupation and Apartheid rule of an another? Why do Guatemalan Evangelicals believe that supporting Israel’s war crimes against Palestinians make themselves “blessed” in the eyes of their god?

We must also ask why Jewish Zionists refuse to see or care that Christian Zionism arises from the same negative side of Christianity that led to the burning of 3000 Jews alive in the synagogue of Jerusalem during the First Crusade in 1099 after the massacre of Jewish communities in Rhineland and elsewhere, and through further eight-hundred years of pogroms, to the Holocaust?

Source / I Am Anti Zionist (blog)



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