David H. Lange an Employee of SAP Labs is a Cyber-Bully & Stalker: IsraellyCool

Written by Anonymous

SAP Labs a German-based multinational software corporation with offices throughout the world employs one of the worst online stalker and cyber-bully, who has dedicated to stalking, harassing, slandering, threatening and ruining the lives of others by writing derogatory and false information on his Pro-Israeli propaganda blog called IsraellyCool.

David H. Lange has been with SAP Labs, Inc. for sixteen years and currently oversees the marketing and communications for the organization in Israel.

He has boasted on his social media  accounts, claiming SAP Labs along with his colleague’s support what he is doing.

In addition, David, who goes by the alias Aussie Dave, creates multiple Facebook and Twitter profiles to engage in targeted harassment.  He has called for the death of Palestinians, including children.  He primarily targets Muslims, Arabs and individuals who support the Palestinian people that want to see an end to the occupation and peace among the Israeli’s and Palestinians.

Many people have been greatly affected by his blog and online social media posts but this man has no conscience and thinks this is okay.

Recently an article was written about him exposing who he was.  He claimed he wasn’t bothered by it, but in all actuality, he was furious.  He went on a Twitter and Facebook rampage, playing victim.  I’m sure his fingers were sore from all the typing during his temper-tantrum. After all, he is a keyboard warrior. Everything in the article was true, unlike his slanderous, libel blog posts he writes that are always untrue.

David Lange and his wife Ahava Emunah Lange

The hate runs deep within this family.  His wife, Ahava Emunah Lange, has also written awful things about Arabs, Muslims and the Palestinian people.  Racism runs in this family, and I can only imagine the indoctrination of hate and ignorance they have instilled to their five children.

SAP Labs needs to realize that this is a reflection on the company.  Is this a normal practice for them to hire bigots, racists and Islamophobics?  Perhaps they need to be made aware of this vile person that is representing their organization.




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