Gaza’s Orphaned Children Ask “Where Is Your Compassion?”

Written by Redwan Abu Asser, Edited by Ariyana Love

Ophaned Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip, held a vigil on Sunday, appealing to the  international community to break the chocking siege imposed on Gaza, by Jewish Zionist Israeli Occupation Forces.

Due to the bad living conditions that Gazans experience these days, hundreds of orphaned children went to the Israeli occupied Eretz Crossing to express their suffering amidst the draconian siege imposed on them for the past 12 years. They also protested against the harsh decisions taken by President Abbas, to cut off their family’s salaries. They are calling on him to stop these aggressive measures that target not only government employees, but also their children.

The life in Gaza is getting worse, day after day and the international community stands by and does nothing for Palestine. We cannot afford the living conditions anymore. Innocent civilians, that have nothing to do with a political system or an occupation that has no mercy for them, are being collectively punished and enslaved on their own land, with very little hope for a dignified future.

Gaza is facing many obstacles due to the ongoing Israeli siege. The economic situation is getting increasingly worse. Thousands of students have graduated to find no jobs that would help them get money to support their struggling families. Students are also prevented from completing their studies outside of Gaza, due to Israeli restrictions.

Patients in need of urgent medical treatment which is not available in Gaza, are not given permits from the brutal Occupation, to leave Gaza for treatment elsewhere.

Gazans recieve 4 to 6 hours of electricity every day, due to the limited amount of fuel allowed to enter the Strip through the crossing points, which Israel is controling.

Hospitals in Gaza are about to close, due to the shortage of fuel needed to run the generators and there is a lack of medical equipment needed for hospitals. In short, the humanitarian and economic conditions have become absolutely unbearable. In a 2017 United Nations report, Gaza was officially declared “unlivable.”

One young child who attended the vigil, is Enshrah Al Madani. She was injured in her eye during the 2014 Israeli aggression. She is now suffering from cancer, brain atrophy, internal and external bleeding. Despite her severe condition, she has been prevented by Israel, from leaving Gaza for her much needed treatment. Like thousands of others in the besieged Strip, she is forced to suffer these inhumane conditions.

Ariyana Love

Ariyana Love is Founder of Occupy Palestine TV, TLB Director of Middle East Rising and Goodwill Ambassador to Palestine (ICSPR, Gaza). Ariyana is Chairwoman of Meta Nutrients Trust, a Human Rights Defender and Activist.

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