IDF Terrorists Snipe and Execute a Child from al-Tamimi Family

by Ariyana Love

Israeli IDF terrorists carried out a field execution yesterday in Ramallah, which targeted another member of al-Tamimi family. This time it was a child.

According to eye witness reports, Musaab Firas al-Tamimi, age 16, was walking home from school when he was hit with a bullet from an Israeli military sniper.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health said that the teen arrived at the Istishari Hospital in critical condition, after he was shot in the back of his head.

The IDF terrorist sniped the teen, reportedly from a close range.

Israeli Occupation media stated that their militants had opened fire on al-Tamimi near the illegal Israeli settlement called Halamish. They claimed the boy was executed for “carrying a gun.”

In the case of extrajudicial executions of Palestinians, the vast majority of Israel’s reports are fabricated lies to placate the naive Western audience, whom are none the wiser to Zionist deception.

An Israeli army spokesperson told Ma’an news agency that they were “looking into reports,” which typically means, “we aren’t going to tell you goyim anything.”

What kind of people plot and carry out field executions of children? Israel is hell bent on collectively punishing the al-Tamimi family because of their activism against occupation and their willingness to stand in the face of IDF terrorists and tell them to get off their land and return from where they came!

16-year old Ahed Tamimi is still administratively detained against international law, along with her mother, her cousin and her aunt.

Since Trump incited an uprising from the Palestinian people against his declaration of Jerusalem as the Occupation’s capital city, 14 Palestinians have been executed.

The teenager is the first Palestinian to have been killed by Israel this year.

Ariyana Love

Ariyana Love is Director of Occupy Palestine TV and Middle East Rising (TLB) news channels. She is a Goodwill Ambassador to Palestine, founder of an international foundation, a human rights defender and activist.

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