by Ariyana Love

Yesterday, Israeli snipers carried out Field Executions of 7 children and murdered one baby, in their bloodiest massacre since the start of the Great Return March demonstration in Gaza.

The execution of children are the most disturbing atrocities I’ve had to report on and I am at a loss for words! Israeli people carried out Field Executions of children, in broad daylight, before the nations of the world. While simultaneously, the global Zionist Cabal moved the US embassy to Jerusalem, in an act of war against humanity.

Please remind me… were the Nazi’s executing children at Auschwitz?

Israeli snipers administered kill shots to the head of 5 children and kill shots to the chest of two more children yesterday, at Gaza boarder. One 8-month-old baby girl died in the early morning after inhaling a “made in the USA”  chemical weapon, which is presently being tested on Gaza civilians. This internationally banned chemical weapon was disseminated by Israel, using drones, causing severe injury and in the case of baby Anwar Ghandour, death. 

There is no reason under the eyes of heaven, to execute children. The only explanation Palestinian authorities could offer me for this void of mercy from the supremacist occupiers, was that “the mood struck them to do so.”

Palestine’s youngest victims – May 14th 
Baby Anwar Ghandour, 8-month-old
Martyred by chemical weapons (below)


Iz Eldein Mousa Al Sammak, age 14
 Martyred by a kill shot to his head – (below)


Wisal Fadel Elshiekh khalil 15-year-old female
Martyred by a kill shot to her head (below)


Said Mohammed Abu Elkheir, 16-year-old
Martyred by a kill shot to his head


Ahmed Adel Alshaer, 16-year-old (below)

Martyred by a kill shot to his head (below)


Sady Saed Abu salah, 16-year-old
Martyred by a kill shot to his chest (below)

Martyred by a kill shot to his chest (below)


Ibrahim Ahmed Zarqa 17-year-old
Martyred by a kill shot to his head (below)


Abdel rahman sami Aqel, 18-year-old
Martyred by a kill shot to his chest

Ariyana Love

Ariyana Love is Director of Occupy Palestine TV and Middle East Rising (TLB) news channels. She is a Goodwill Ambassador to Palestine, founder of an international foundation, a human rights defender and activist.

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