Treason: Obama & Hillary Clinton Exposed! QAnon Sparks #ReleaseTheMemo Storm

By Ariyana Love
Monday evening, a new batch of info was dropped by Whistleblower and insider, QAnon, regarding the FIFA Memo which has sparked a whirlwind on social media.
QAnon addressed the contents of the Memos, revealing a 16-year plan to destroy America and usher in WWIII.
It included giving nukes to North Korea and Iran, changing the U.S. Constitution, removing the Second Amendment and totally enslaving We The People.


The FIFA Memo demonstrates collusion at the highest levels and began with Obama’s 8 year Presidency. It was supposed to be followed by Hillary Clinton serving an 8 year term as America’s President.
Obama/Hillary had weaponized the intelligence community to to ensure a democratic victory for Hillary. They never believed she would loose the election.
Julian Assange and Wikileaks release of the Podesta emails which revealed Hillary Clinton as a pedophile and “spirit cooker,” caused the public to elect Donald Trump.
This thwarted the sinister plans of the cabal.
On January 18th, the House Intelligence Committee voted to release a four-page memo on FISA abuses that have disturbed lawmakers to their core. The memo has not yet been released to the public, but some lawmakers were allowed to view it in private on Thursday.
Members of the lower chamber of Congress were also allowed to see a memo in a restricted room in America’s Capital. They were outraged at what they saw.
People are now demanding the FIFA Memo’s be released to the public with #ReleaseTheMemo being at present, the top trending hashtag on Twitter.


The Obama/Hillary coup de’etat thwarted.

Former Federal Prosecutor Joe diGenova was interviewed by The Daily Caller on Saturday. DiGenova also confirmed the brazen plot to exonerate Hillary Clinton of her felony offenses. The Obama Administration, Justice Department and FBI officials violated the law, politicizing law enforcement and surveillance against political opponents.
DiGenova revealed their plot to frame the incoming president with a false Russian conspiracy that never existed. They used fake facts to get surveillance taps on Trump, in order to place a false case against the presidential candidate.
This FISA Memo release will not get the attention it deserves from MSM. That’s why we must turn to independent sources for insight.
Mathew Short of the Don’t Comply movement in Texas, draws our attention to the implications of the FISA Memo release and what we should be doing about it.
We must push for the release of FISA Memos because it’s going to reveal the most sinister plot against the American people and enable We The People to demand justice and execution of these treasonous leaders. 
I think it’s worth mentioning that George Soros has been one of Hillary Clinton’s chief supporters. Soros has played a major role in the sinister agenda and coup to enslave America.

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