(VIDEO) Israeli Forces Surround Khan al-Ahmar Village in Occupied Palestine

Press TV reports on the Israeli Occupation Forces destruction of Khan al-Ahmar village early this morning. 

(Press TV) A large contingent of Israeli forces has surrounded a Palestinian Bedouin village in the occupied territories slated for demolition by Tel Aviv.

Regime troops are razing to the ground several shacks at the entrance of Khan al-Ahmar east of Jerusalem al-Quds. Activists had built these several days ago in protest at the planned demolition. NGOs say Tel Aviv has declared the village a closed military zone. Israeli forces accompanied by at least seven bulldozers made their way to the area before sunrise. Tel Aviv says the village, home to 180 residents, was built without the required permits. The Israeli demolition will pave the way for the construction of yet another Israeli settlement. Palestinians say these settlements will cut off East Jerusalem Al-Quds from the occupied West Bank.

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