Watch For This Snake: The Pro-Israeli Palestinian Spy

By Jake Sorlie

So recently on Facebook I have been seeing a video circulating from Sept. 25, 2017 of the speech given by Mosab Hassan Yousef (pro-Israeli Palestinian) on behalf of the UN Watch claiming that the Palestinian Authority is to blame for most of the suffering of the Palestinian people and that “the Palestinian individual and their human development is the least of your (P.A.) concerns.

His case is that the P.A. kidnaps Palestinian students from campuses and tortures them in West Bank Palestinian Territory jails. He says the PA tortures their political rivals and the suffering of the Palestinian people is the outcome of their selfish political interests. He claims they are the “greatest enemy of the Palestinian people.” He also criticizes Hamas and seems to delegitimize resistance to occupation in general.

What most people probably don’t know is that Mosab Hassan Yousef was an Israeli spy between the years of 1997 to 2007. He worked undercover for Israel’s internal security service, Shin Bet. While working with them he also provided information that led to his own father, Sheik Hassan Yousef (one of the founding members of Hamas) being arrested and imprisoned along with other members of Hamas.

Yousef claimed that he did not inform Israel for money, but rather that his motivations were ideological and religious, and that he only wanted to save lives. Yet, in May 2016, talking to a Jerusalem Post conference in New York, Yousef made a claim that at one time, he was working for, and being paid by, Israel, the United States, the Palestinian Authority, and Hamas, all at the same time.

Yousef converted to Christianity in 1999 but didn’t officially announce his conversion until 2008.

He co-authored his autobiography in March 2010 and has since starred in his own movie, one based on his book “Son of Hamas” in 2014. He also plans to make a movie based on the historical life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

In my personal opinion I think this man is nothing more than a traitor to the Palestinian people, his own family (which disowned him) and their cause. He has worked as a quadruple agent since 1997, to fill his own pockets and selfish ambitions by getting paid by all sides of the of conflict in Palestine.

His book, his movie and now with another movie on the way is sure to inflate his fame/infamy and his bank account while living the comfy life in San Diego U.S.A. But you be the judge, there is plenty online about the man and I would suggest doing your own reading before taking what he says to be the “be all and end all” about the situation surrounding Palestine and the people causing it.



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