You would be called Tamimi


She is called Ahed, is 16 years old and stood up against the occupying power – and rightly so -. She slapped a soldier in the face – note: she did not kill the intruder to protect the property of the family – no, just a slap in the face. And what happens? The zionist world is shocked – one of their soldiers was attacked – and the rest of the world is walking like a silly sheep without any sense – yes: without any sense of Palestine – behind the occupiers from Tel Aviv, so also the Netherlands, and her friends club in The Hague.

You would be called Tamimi
Ahed Tamimi is currently an icon for a part – most activists for Palestine and Palestinians – or an irritating young person – and that is still weakly expressed – for another part of the society today.

Ahed Tamimi, 16, is an ordinary young person who lives in a society that is dictated in its entirety by an occupying power that is increasingly using more and more violence, also against young people. Perhaps it is just against young people, because this generation must be broken so that it will no longer cause misery in the future.

But Ahed is not broken, she is alive and wants to live like other young people in the world. She went with her peers to an empty house to get away from all the misery done by the zionist occupation power, to make some of life, to dance, to sing, to make music and to listen to music, dream about the future, maybe in another country. What is so strange about this? Nothing. When I was as old as Ahed now, I worked in a youth disco in a place on a soccer field in a village in Brabant. Turning the music very loud to forget the world around me.


You would be called Tamimi
What did Ahed actually do? She hit a zionist intruder in the face, just a blow, the moment the soldiers invaded the family home and after the soldiers attacked the family.

A slap in the face, literally and figuratively, from the zionist regime, but nothing else at that moment. As a result, Ahed was arrested on December 19, 2017 and – as usual – she must appear before a military tribunal, but only if the pre-trial has been extended once or twice, so to gather evidence against Ahed, but it is more intended to to harass her, to harass her and to try to break her.

By the way, if a zionist occupation soldier shoots a Palestinian – not beats, but just murdered – no prosecution is instituted and the Western media is nowhere to be found. Not even an indictment at the International Criminal Court.


You would be called Tamimi
The zionist intimidation and targeted suppression of the Tamimi family of the village of Nabi Saleh has continued since 2009 when the protests began against the zionist separation wall and the stealing of Palestinian land to build the illegal Helmish settlement. This stress continues until this day; while Ahed and her mother Nariman are in jail, the occupiers invaded the house of the Manal and Bilal Tamimi family and captured the 19-year-old son Mohammed. The mother of Mohammed, Manal, had just been released from prison for a week.

Mohammed is the newest member of the Tamimi family who is the target of a series of attacks and arrests in the village of Nabi Saleh and the neighboring village of Deir Nizam (both near Ramallah).


You would be called Tamimi
Nour Tamimi, the cousin of Ahed, has also been arrested and is facing a number of charges for a zionist military court. Daughter and mother Tamimi are accused of inciting political messages on social media, “attacking” a soldier of the occupation on the land of the family and throwing stones, in addition to other accusations. The ‘attack’ refers to an action – which has been filmed – whereby Ahed and Nour demand that a soldier leave the house of the family; the soldier wanted to go to a higher part of the family’s house via the house to shoot at demonstrators. In the action Nour was beaten by the soldier, after which Ahed hit the soldier with the bare hand.

Meanwhile, the cousin of Ahed, Mohammed, was shot in the head by a rubber-covered metal bullet and has been lying in a coma for days and is still suffering from serious injuries.

Musa’ab of 17 years old, another cousin, was shot dead in the village of Nizam by soldiers of the occupying forces at the beginning of January 2018 and has the dubious honor of being the first Palestinian to be murdered in 2018.

But it goes on and on and on: the young uncles Mostafa and Roshdy (on November 19, 2012) were murdered by soldiers of the zionist occupation force. The mother of Ahed was arrested several times, her other brother Waad was arrested on November 2, 2012.

The father of Ahed, Bassem, has been arrested and detained nine times; In 1993 Bassem was beaten so hard during the interrogation that he had a concussion and sayed for 10 days in a coma.


We are all called Tamimi
We, as a front of Palestinians fighting the Zionist occupation forces of Tel Aviv and its supporters and Palestine activists, have an assignment to keep mention these attacks on the Palestinians on social media and to report to the media and parliamentarians . We can not stop that, because when we stop, the occupier has won.

If we no longer nominate Ahed or other Palestinian prisoners or Palestinians in the media, the zionist occupying forces will think that they are no longer of any importance to us and the soldiers can continue, expand and intensify their unrestrained torture practices, leaving nothing unused, such as torture, rape and murder. We must continue to fight against that. We are Tamimi and have a responsibility to Ahed, Bassem, Nour, Mohammed, Nariman and also to Israa Ja’abis and to all known and unknown Palestinian prisoners.


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